Saturday, June 10, 2017

Aim High- Soar Higher

                              If you aim at nothing,
                                                           You will hit it every single time.

Let's pretend I have not been gone for a whole month and just dive right into it. Shall we?

Truth be told we never really know where tomorrow will lead. We can only hope that it goes how we expect it to be which is like never (if you're me that is LOL). A lot of times we're focused on getting to A when God is trying to take you to Z. Catch my drift? You're praying for an apartment and God is trying to give you a house (Hold on let me claim this real quick). You end up ignoring all signs on the house even though he all but spelt it out because you're so damn concentrated on the apartment. Don't be stuck on asking for a cane when God is trying to give you vision.

This is where you got to put your mind into play but remember that this only part of his big plan. your mind can only go so far and HIS is, well, limitless. So have a vision but #staywoke incase it gets bigger. A lot of people are a testimony to this where they only wanted to make a few dollars selling chicken and now they're a franchise across the nation. I am referring to KFC and if you haven't come across the story behind it please do. There's that and plenty other stories to validate this theory but mind you, it does start with you having a vision and taking a step to make that vision a reality. I feel like I preach this all the time LOL which is  good cause I need constant reminders so I figured why not remind you all too.

                             Shoot for the moon and even if you miss,
                                                                     you'll fall among the stars.

As you visualize and things start to fall in place, do not forget you're still in this thing called life and there are still these things called mistakes (or setbacks). You WILL make them but don't get stuck on it. They're only commas not the full stop in your life sentence. The take away from this you ask? Everything happens during the journey and not at the destination. Everything you go through is preparing you to be the best at that vision that you have. Like they say, "You gotta go through to grow through". They didn't lie.

Life is a beautiful maze that will take you up, down and in between so as you aim higher, don't be surprised if you soar higher than you expected. Think of it as an A+ for the hard work!

Until next time loves!

                                                               Peace&Love CeeTee
4 comments on "Aim High- Soar Higher"
  1. Interesting piece! And the foot wear is breathtaking!(lol) kudos to you

  2. We have to open our eyes and ears to see and hear God's plans for us.. be still in his presence. Doesn't it sound easy? Ah I wish it was. Thanks for the constant reminder my sister! We all need it! #StayWoke☝️


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