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#Ceetheworld: Greece- Santorini

The beautiful Santorini......

Excuse my sail rope that won't let my picture be great
The best and cheapest way to make your way around the Islands is by ferry. The Hellenic segways are pretty fast and it's a 3hr ride from Mykonos to Santorini. I have to say I'm quite mad about my Santorini stay and you'll find out why.

Santorini is extremely quiet and is known for intimate weddings and romantic getaways none of which I was doing but it's also extremely picturesque. The island is just a postcard and is known to have one of thee best sunsets. Our trip in Santorini started with a fish pedicure at the spa. First time doing this and if you've met me I'm super dramatic so it took me a while to drop my legs in the water. I'm not going to lie it looks creepy as hell but after 2 minutes you get use to the weird feeling of things touching your feet. I did act out for like 5 minutes though. Everyone had a moment so it was definitely a blast. We only got ours for 15mins but if you want the most out of it I suggest 30 minutes and higher. Post pedicure, we stumbled upon authentic well aged greek wine and being a wine lover I indulged. If you ever get a chance try 'Visanto'. It's a dessert wine so it's sweet but it's soooo good. There are a couple of restaurants with the iconic Santorini view but we went for, Petra's restaurant at Canaves Oia hotel. To find the place was a hassle especially at night lol but it was worth it. The view at night is as good as it is during the day. Dinner was superb and the service impeccable. Another recommendation will be Alali restaurant. Equally fab!

Our last day in Santorini we had a sunset cruise planned but before that, we decided to find a spot and do an impromptu morning shoot. When I think back to that morning, I'm literally laughing so hard. Like it is never that hard to take pictures ever. So if you thought cabs were hard to find in Mykonos, Santorini is a nightmare. There's a total of 40 cabs for the entire Island so during peak season you're out of luck. Luckily enough we did run into a guy who decided he'll be our personal driver. That's how we got to where we needed to go but by the end of day one I think he gave up on us and so when we woke up Wednesday morning to take pictures oga was not answering his phone. We had a cruise pick up at 1pm, had been out the night before till 6am and had to be up at 8am to drive 25 mins to Oia and take pictures and be back to get ready for the cruise. Sounds simple right? Lol. We found what has to be Santorini most obnoxious driver who was charging an arm and a leg and was just doing his own thing. We told the guy we have an hour take us to this one spot and bring us back. Uncle took all of Santorini's back roads and wanted us to go somewhere else. After a series of 'Linda listen' he finally got us to where we wanted to be at 11am. We literally had an hour to take these pictures and be on the way back cause I was not missing that cruise. Needless to say, I'm extremely happy we got these pictures taken.

Fast forward to the cruise, the ticket said it lasts 4 hours but tell me why we got on this cruise at 2pm and did not get home till 11pm. Pretty much racked up our entire dayyyyy that we were going to use to see other places and that's the story of how Crystal did not get the pictures of the bells and the cathedrals and the blue domes and the light house *wipes tears* but it's okay. So now I'm really grateful for that morning 2sec photo session. That being said, I unfortunately can't tell you much about Santorini but know this, get a hotel in Oia. That is literally where all the picture perfect spots are and the bougie restaurants as well. You'll only need to walk. When you do, take pictures so I can swipe through and be jealous. I must say there are several ways to watch the sunset, A lot of people do a hike and gather at a cliff in Oia to watch it. Mind you, there's a lot of people so early arrival is recommended if you want a good spot, there are a few restaurants that have the sunset views those will be a good call too or you could do the cruise which in my opinion is the best way to experience it.

Volcanic remains at Nea Kameni

while others hike the volcanic remains, I do what I do best ;)

Hot springs

Post card perfect! 
If you haven't already, read about my trip to Mykonos here . I had a blast in Greece and will definitely go back in the future. Another peaceful quiet but breathtaking island is Zakynthos if ever Greece crosses your mind.

It's a wrap
Next trip is looking like Havana, Cuba who's down???! You know I don't play.

                                                              Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. Definitely down for Havanna.

  2. we'll go back for the bells and the cathedrals and the blue domes and the light house ... had to reminisce ...

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