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#Ceetheworld: Greece: Mykonos

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                                                                                        Go see.

First off of my 'To-Go' list was none other than Greece. There's no order of preference really, for some reason Greece seemed to resonate a lot for me and so there it was. Being who I am, I did start planning this last year and initially this trip should have taken place in May, but then Trump was having a moment as he always is and I ended up pushing it to August which I don't regret.

Our hotel

Melanin popping :)

The "OMG I made it" jump

Greece crew minus one
So let's talk GREEECCEEEE! I'm still in awe of the fact that I was there. So surreal but I have pictures to relive every moment. If it's ever crossed your mind by all means GO. So I went to the 2 out of the 3 most popular places in Greece which are; Mykonos and Santorini. I wasn't too crazy about going to Athens, however, it is cheaper to fly into Athens and navigate your way around the Islands. Plus if you're a history freak you'll enjoy it. I'll give you the juice on Mykonos first and then Santorini, if not this will be an album ;). I believe this applies to every European country but traveling from January to May is a lot cheaper than summer travels. Post summer the prices drop again but typically the weather is not that great so your prime goal should be March to May. Now if you're looking to go to a 'happening' city you will get the most out of it in the summer where you get to meet a bunch of other tourists as well. If you're traveling for the serenity then go off season when there's less traffic and save your buck.

Mykonos is the party city in Greece and I am not kidding when I say, the place doesn't sleep. I spent 4 days here and probably only met like 5 locals as opposed to the thousands of other tourists I ran into. First tip: Stay at a hotel! lmaooo this may sound odd but Airbnb is not worth it at least in my opinion. The islands are very small and they get huge traffic but this does not include an increase in the amount of cab drivers and you guessed it, there's no uber. Most people get the quads to go around but if you're not great at navigation it's not worth it and some houses are in locations only accessible by foot, so your quad will not help you there, however, it is a lot cheaper than cabs or rentals. Our hotel was kind enough to provide a shuttle for our needs. They charged us but that's really all we spent on so I was not too mad about it. The rest of the time I ate gyros (love love love these) which ranged from 2.50-6 euros. Dirt cheap!

I saw a bike and red domes and my mind said pose Lol!

The water really is this blue. Incase you were wondering.

Like I said Mykonos is the party city so the main attractions of this island are a town called little Venice, the windmills and the party beaches. Looking for little Venice was the funniest thing ever. We literally will get directions and the people will say go this way and once you get there ask someone else and just like that we made it to this gem.

Wind mills

What's a trip without new friends??! Katarina is a sweetheart!

We were always out till 4am in the morning. The DJs were turnt! We were that one crew asking for African music at every spot and they delivered. I would say though, the drinks are not that cheap and bottle service is actually ridiculous. Not that I tried to buy I just eyed the prices. All your best bars are located on the beach so tour during the early afternoon and hit the beach at say 6pm get some water action and by 8pm you move up to the bar area and it's a party. Our faves were the Paraga beach bars especially Kalua. Had thee time of our lives there and ofcourse tropicana, santanna and super paradise. There's plenty more but I was only there for 4 days so that's what I covered. If you want a chilled night don't sleep on Cavo tagoo lounge. The views of the town at night are gorgeous and the music and cocktails are pretty darn good too.

Complete crew

So Claire (far left) has the bright idea for us to go on a 15 mins float ride. Is that what you call it? We had to hold on to straps and a speed boats essentially just pulls you. Mind you only one person out of this crew can swim Lol. Thee most terrifying 15 mins of life and my comments were just mad funny! 15 mins felt helluva lot more than 15.

If like me you're wondering why everything is white? It's actually a law that stems from way back to only have white buildings with blue or red doors. While I haven't gone all across Greece, this is true for Mykonos. Santorini had a bit of variation but mainly the same concept. I did see a yellow door on my trip wonder what he had to pay to get away with that. Good things do come to an end and so I ferried my way to Santorini. Be sure to read that post as well.

Ferry leaving Mykonos

                                                               Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. No pictures on the boat ride?? �������� That would hilarious and awesome!!

  2. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!!! Good information to have when I go there! Amen! Lol Love the photos too!!!! Please keep it coming.... excited to hear about Santorini

  3. Thanks again Crys for putting this amazing trip together, we had a blast!! can't wait for next year:))


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