Monday, October 9, 2017

Reclaiming my time

                                         Time is free,
                                                 But priceless

You ever just sit and feel like everyone is making use of your time but you?? Your job, family, friends etc Don't get me wrong these all have value but how valuable are they if you're draining yourself? This is not about giving and receiving to others but giving and receiving to yourself. Self time, all about you, doing it for you! Me time! As an adult you start to see this as an actual thing you lack *sigh*. The funny thing is some of you might not even realize you're not getting me time! At least I didn't until Mama (Rep) Maxine Waters used these very words; "Reclaiming my time". I was all about "Tell 'em Maxine" till it hit me, really hit me. I realized I was letting so many things that I could not control take up my time and hold my life. If you're anything like me, you kind of want plan A to fall through before you execute plan B and so on...And so because my job is (now was) holding up plan A I was over here literally sitting and waiting for whenever that sorted itself out to move on to plan B. Then I said to myself "hold up! why are you waiting on someone else again?" and "Exactly how long will you wait because you should not be waiting at all" . That's when several paths to my other various plans became obvious. I have not forgotten about plan A, I've just decided to not let it consume so much of my time anymore. I took it all (my time) back and decided to go on and still achieve other things.

                                      It's not about having time
                                                                              It's about making time 

For most of us this might be the case, we might not even realize we're wasting our precious time till we read this post LOL. (If you laughed then you're definitely reading). Stop for a second and analyze what is it you are actually doing for YOU. Doing things for others doesn't necessarily translate to making great use of your time. There's only one thing more valuable than our time and that's who we spend it on. Now don't you think that once in a while this should be you? After all it is YOUR time. I am by no means saying to stop lending it to others but simply asking you to create sometime for YOU. Do not put YOU on standby to service others, you deserve to do YOU too. Sometimes we're really out here carrying mountains we were only meant to climb in other words making things way more complicated that they should have been. If that's you, that's OK cause that's me too. The lesson is to catch yourself before you climbed the whole damn mountain only to come back down.

If you don't make the time to work on creating the life you want,
            You're eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don't want. -Kevin Ngo

Cause the sun is out and my eyes can't open -_-
This applies to EVERYTHING believe me! Your boss holding out on a promotion you should have gotten 2 years ago and still feeding you, you're my best employee with BUTS honey RECLAIM YOUR TIME it's probably time you moved on anyways (mind you this is only if you believe you are deserving of it. Don't get fired on Femme-et-Noir's words we ain't hiring yet), It's been 8 years, you're 32, you live together and the ring is still a dream, you can't make someone ready for what they're not and you are by no means obligated to wait around while they make up their mind RECLAIM YOUR TIME and keep it moving, their loss not yours. Family hanging on your neck cause you're the only one making the 'mulla' to help everyone out (unless you're like Westbrook balling right now then please send some my way), RECLAIM YOUR TIME you're really not helping if you're constantly bailing everyone out anyways. Let them hustle a little and be the last resort. Don't put your well deserved condo downtown on hold cause you're feeding everybody else. You deserve good things too, RECLAIM YOUR TIME. I could go on but I'm pretty sure you get the gist.

Every now and then I revisit the things ( certifications, degrees, etc) I've put on hold ( I really can't buy a house now like foreal there's no money) and make sure that they're still on hold because I've not gotten there yet or can't achieve it yet not because I'm waiting for Santa to come around (He lowkey stopped doing that when I was 11 -__- ) and I hope this inspires you to do same. Mama Maxine wasn't wrong. Now is ALWAYS your time, don't waste it.

I see you reclaiming that time

                                                                Peace&Love CeeTee

8 comments on "Reclaiming my time"
  1. Waiting on plan A to fall through before taking on plan B is so me!
    I keep struggling with that notion that I MUST do things chronologically, which ends up taking up all my time. So I Crys I can totally relate; we must reclaim our time!

  2. It's a hard habit to break especially when you're used to but we have to look beyond and stop holding back mama. Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. "There's only one thing more valuable than our time and that's who we spend it on." We need to learn to spend more time on OURSELVES ... feed ourselves some TLC so that we can be able to feed others ... nice one! luhhYulongggtym Klozet

    1. The days when I'm smart hahahahah! Luhyou closet raider Lmaooo!

  4. Seriously though! I am going through a midlife crisis right now because I am trying to decide if I should stay close to family or move away and work on "Me". This is speaking to me too because I keep telling myself I am not stable enough or grown enough to start working on some of my dreams! First step: I need to change my thinking

    1. You already have the most important step down!!! Act on it and think about not limiting yourself as well. Thanks for stopping by doll :)

  5. Hmmmmmm. Beautiful write up. But we must always lend a helping hand to everyone that is in need but as the saying goes charity begins at home.


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