Sunday, January 26, 2014


Lately( for a year now) when hit with the, "why are you still single?" question which quite frankly has become boring! My answer as always is, "I'm looking for ambition" so this dear friend of mine goes "...but James (made up name) is in med school"....Now while being in med school is not a bad thing but it does not always scream ambitious. That does not quite make sense yet but allow me to explain.

Ambition (at least for me) is when someone talks about their career with a passion that draws you in. So much so that you want to be there when they get to that level. You want to be a part of it. When asked, "what's your goal or 5 year plan?" in a heart beat they will list it all and leave you mesmerized. They do not necessarily have to be there at that point yet but just have the zeal. You graduate with a 4.0 YAY! Good for're smart! heck I envy you with every bone in my body but that does not necessarily make you ambitious.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014!

Caution: long post ahead!

New years for me started at 6:00pm! Got calls and texts from my dada, sister, bestie and my dear friends...All had me feeling some typa way lol And I (Almost) cried! Was a lil teary eyed. Aieeee but its a new year, its a new day and i'm feeling GOOD! Before I go on a picture overload....In the spirit of New year resolutions...Here you go! Thank me later ;)

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