Thursday, February 20, 2014

I am not Beautiful YET!

Like success, Beautiful is a word that lies in the hand of the beholder or 'beholdee' (totally made that up). The dictionary cannot simply dictate what it is. In this case it is honestly, "To each their own".

I will of course talk about my definition of the vague word Beautiful but before I do, allow me to say that to me, this is in no way a synonym to pretty, hot, sexy, smashing and ( Insert word).  You're probably thinking (or not but i'll tell you anyways ;) ) how I came up with this. A friend tagged me on a post that said "Tag someone you think is beautiful" while it warmed my heart, I replied saying "funny thing is I do not think I am beautiful".

Monday, February 10, 2014

Birthday Post!

                               Nothing is free. Not even age. Age is the price we pay for life. Life isn't
                              replaceable, its a gift that we pay with age. What we do therefore matters.

Words cannot begin to describe the joy and love I feel in me! I'm a huge sucker for birthdays. I believe we are opportuned to see a new era, a new page in our lives something that so many take for granted. To round it up, I feel blessed and highly favored.

 I will try to not make this post the longest post ever ( That will be a TASK!) but I do need to include un peu de tout ;)

My birthday started on the 8th to say the least. Officially launched by my mom! She gets the award for most active mom on Facebook on the 8th :). Texting me trying to figure out how to post pics on my wall and all that LOL gotta love her :) and a call all the way from SA from one of the most phenomenal ladies I know Koryn! She tried singing lol noticed I said tried ( Love youuu KO)! I cannot forget the love from my bestie Ebenye at midnight in London, she sang too well semi sang lol (loveee u too boooo) yes! yes! yes! I'm international ;)

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pre- Birthday!

                                You are only young once, 
                                                     but you can be immature for a long time.

     A favorite birthday tradition of mine is ...wait for it.... A Photoshoot ;) (don't judge lol). Figured i'll just do fun fun fun! So this is not Bazaar or vogue material lol take it easy on me with your critiques!  I'm getting old y'all and as much as I am blessed to very soon see a new year, I am scared of what the future holds for me. Anyhu I'll rant on that later. For now, enjoy ;)

Mommy and daddys, lil girl today, tomorrow and always!

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