Saturday, March 22, 2014

Miami for two!

Destination ----> Mexance!!

The much deserved Spring break is sadly coming to an end...Sun, beaches, draankksss, food etc you name it, it happened! I now call Miami, Mexance (get it??) cause I either felt like I was in Mexico or France lol Spanish and French EVERYWHERE! Our condo was full of zeee French I wasn't mad though we blended in just fine lol. First time in Miami and believe me the hype is real! If you haven't already been..I strongly recommend. Go fully loaded though, very fully loaded lol!

Anyhu so I wish I had more pics of the names of places but I got sidetracked by having fun and people watching that half the time I forgot I had a camera lol...Plus I forgot the charger(More interested in packing shorts) so we were saving the battery.

Disclaimer: picture OVERLOAD!

Day one...Testing the camera ;)

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