Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Positive Vibes

                   Good judgment comes from experience,
                            and most of that comes from bad judgment.

We're going to remix the typical saying; "Love don't cost a thing" to "Positive vibes don't cost a damn thing". If you're anything like me or just plain human, there are things in life that we can achieve and there are things that we just write off in our heads aka being negative also known as selling ourselves short. What I'm about to say totally defies the physics law of "opposites attract" cause uhm here they don't.

Negativity has a way of weighing you down. Sad thing is this could very much be a person you associate yourself with. If they are constantly complaining, playing victim etc then it rubs off on the people close to them. The first step to positive vibes is hanging around motivating people, listening to music that empowers you, reading motivational books, blogs  etc. This is helpful if you're not accustomed to this nature and even if you are, consistency is key. You have to keep feeding your body the positive stuff.

Rumor has it happy girls are the prettiest :)
I've always known to be positive cause well it's better than being negative but a recent book (The Magic Mala) my all time fave aunt aka second mom gifted me explained the why a little better. The book says the universe does not differentiate good vibes from bad vibes. It only goes based off of the energy your body is radiating (believe me when I say the energies are extremely different and extremely strong). If you're driving and you keep telling yourself  "I'm going to get into a wreck" guess what? YOU WILL. It understands that, that is what you want and gives it to you tenfold. On the other hand if you're always thinking positive thoughts such as my favorite one; "I am blessed", Goodness will follow you all the days of your life. Doors you did not knock on will open.This is not to say you don't put in work and wish for good things and expect them to happen. If you want to buy a house and keep telling yourself you will get a good deal, you kind of need to be out of your apartment looking at houses and you will open up a door of great deals. Or like me you can't be saying "I need to win the lottery" but never bought a lottery ticket in your life. I've said it so many times I just might buy that ticket LOL. For the non religious think of it as the universe hearing you out and for my believers it is also known as prayers.

Practice this whenever you can. Come up with a mantra (A sentence that you want to come to life. For eg; I will get into grad school this year etc etc) say it over and over in your head and put in the action that you need to put in, because when your words and actions align, that's a double threat and you WILL get your heart's desire. Like I said it doesn't cost a thing and it's a very simple exercise but you do have to have a tiny bit of faith and believe it will work out for you. Always say affirmative things each morning and watch your life change for the better. Ain't nobody richer than a happy person and no one likes the grumpy person.

The hardest part about this is accepting the challenge and filtering out what you need to hear. You don't need people to give you the statistics, just because most people with stage 3 cancer have not made it does not mean you will not make it. So filter all the BS out and keep being positive and happy. Believe it or not happiness heals! S/N If this is you I know you will make it and if God decides you're better off with him, at least you left here happy.

Be the master of your own destiny cause if you think about it, it's really up to you. Be blessed folks! Again, it's free!

Believe: Some things are just that simple.
NB: Go back and read that quote... :)
                                                                Peace&Love CeeTee
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  1. Why you over tall so again?? Lol and I'm obviously stealing a few quotes from here.
    ~Tilitili ��

    1. Lmaoooooo where were you when they were distributing height??? loool


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