Sunday, April 15, 2018

Random Facts

             Falling in love with yourself first doesn't make you vain or selfish,
                       It makes you indestructible.

I suppose I could let you in on just some tiny random facts about me. For the longest time I honestly just thought it was normal till I noticed it wasn't. But who cares, being normal is boring. Here we go;

  1. I can't sleep without socks
So I have this thing where my feet and palms are always cold. Indoors or outdoors it doesn't matter and I hate going to bed with cold feet so I have to wear socks to keep them warm and get some zzzz. No I'm not anemic if that's what you were thinking or at least I haven't been diagnosed.

      2. I smile one sided

I legit think I don't know how to smile unless someone makes me or I laugh. You either get a stank face or full blown laugh there's no in between with me so yeah taking pictures is a hassle. However, when I do manage to smile it's one sided..more to my right like a smirk but it's my smile. Not normal I know! Literally laughed right after this was captured.

      3. I cry watching movies

I really don't think I'm the emotional type but I cry watching movies hahahahah. I will not say more. Azie laughs at me every single time smh.

      4. Only sea food I eat is fish and shrimp end of story

My dad always said I was a cheap date (Dear future hubby, you're welcome). I can't stand lobsters, crab and whatever else it is people eat. I've never gotten the acquired taste to lobster and crab I just can't and then the rest of them are just too slimy for me. Clamps? Ewww!

      5. I'm obsessed with my nails

Got them from Madre! (Hi mommy :) ) They do act funny sometimes but for the most part they're always playing nice and I'm obsessed.

Yes I have a pretty obvious beauty mark on my leg
      6. I always have my 'faith' ring

Sophomore year of college I felt the need to get something that gave me hope and reminded me to be thankful. I'm a #believe type of girl but they didn't have any rings with that so I got one that said faith. I've had it for quite a while now and truth be told I don't go anywhere without it (okay I lied, I don't take it to the gym) even if I'm all dolled up at night with gold jewelry chances are my silver faith ring is still on there. Yes I will mix and match this particular silver with gold. Sue me ;)

      7.  I can't eat anything slimy

I had to force myself to eat oatmeal last year because I'm trying to look like my mom at 60, Naomi in my 50's, Gabrielle in my 40s and Ciara in my 30s so I made the choice. The things we do I tell ya. Anything else; gumbo (okra), thick soups etc I just cannot. I don't like that slimy feeling in my mouth no bueno.

      8. I can't swim

By 2019 this is going to change. I'm signing up for adult lessons. Funny thing is, if you throw me in a deep body of water best believe I will flap arms and legs till I make it but going in willingly yeah that's not happening at least not yet.

     9. I have thee worse hype voice

Snapchat led me to a new discovery. You know how you go out with friends most likely at the club and one of your friends jams comes up and she busting a move so you do the obvious and pull out your phone to capture the moment (millennial problems we'll expand on this later) and you hyping her up like "ayeeeee ayeeeee", "cut it, cut it" yeah my voice at that point in time is just the worst but I can't help myself. I do it for every single video and trust me there's a lot of them. Then I wake up the next day with no voice wondering what happened.

    10. I don't eat spicy food

To some this will be normal but being of African heritage people are always shocked. They swear something is wrong with me. I just don't get why the food is enjoyable when your mouth is on fire. Makes no sense. Yes I like my kilichi with no pepper, my poisson braisse with mayo mixed up with spices, my meats without the pepper on the side. Africans just extra as if the pepper on the side was not enough they decided to make pepper soup smh! Unreal!


Chinchin flakes is life!!!!! If you know you know. End of story.

*wipes forehead* that took a while cause these things seem normal to me hahahahha. Do any of you at all have these traits? I CANNOT be the only one! Let me know in the comments and thanks for stopping by ;)

PS: In case you didn't catch it, I definitely walked into a furniture saw the couch, said "Oooh that will work well against my sweater" and BAM photo shoot.

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8 comments on "Random Facts"
  1. All of these facts is why we love you. And YES CHICHIN FLAKES! All day every day. You better mail the one I forgot to take lol

    1. Lmaooooooooooo You snooze you loose ;) Luh u short!

  2. When I started reading these posts, I honestly thought they were general characteristics, Lol. Cos the first 3 facts are sooo me! I can’t swim too😂 I Love chinchin flakes but girl, okra soup n anything slimy is my guilty pleasure.

    1. I cannot with the slime lol and we need to jump on that swimming wagon quick. Thanks for reading doll!

  3. Hihihi I love the painful spicy feeling... N yh chinchin flakes o did just yesterday, absolute goals

    1. Chinchin flakes is always a good idea! I can't with the mouth on fire ya I just don't get it.

  4. Dear Lord thank you for helping Crystal discover she has a hype voice been looking forward to telling her though but

    1. Lmaaaooooooo I'm still in the running for best hype man ever voice or no voice!!!! Made my day.


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