Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Part 3: Your Victory

Victory is always possible for the one who never stops fighting

When anything is a triple threat, it's a done deal. If you were looking for a ticket, and found great flight times, short layovers and a good price (aka triple threat), you automatically buy the ticket. If the ticket is cheap but your layover is in North Dakota for 6 hours you really start to question life. Sound accurate? I personally hate layovers, anything over 2 hours, I'm hella grumpy. When flying first class becomes a norm (speaking it into existence) the lounge access will be doable but let me whine about my journey to there first, I'm allowed to LOL.

When you have faith in your abilities , continuously prepare and eventually get presented with the right opportunity, Great things will happen!!!! It is necessary to prepare for the unknown and you may not know it but you're subconsciously doing it with everything else. Think about it; beneficiaries for your retirement funds and bank accounts, that's you making sure family is covered when you're not here. If you so happen to live in Houston and you have flood protection/insurance cause they can't get good drainage (rolls eyes), that's being prepared. Getting an education in the hopes of getting a job, that's you preparing. We do not know if these things will happen but we're preparing so that if they do happen, guess what? we're good! Apply that to your life. If you want said job, how are you preparing for it? how are you presenting yourself for it? When the time comes (and it will) you need to have your game face on. They don't usually tell you when game time is going to show up so it's vital that we always be prepared (or stay hungry depending what age group you are).

CNN news anchor Zain Asher has a Tedtalk where she exemplifies how she applied this to her own life. She prepared for a job as a news anchor while being an assistant and even when she lost her job she did not give up. Her challenge was twofold because she grew up in the UK and to be on any US network she needed to have an american accent. So she had to teach herself how to articulate words in the american accent and then teach herself how to be an anchor. Best believe when the opportunity presented itself she was more than ready for it. I'm not saying it will be easy, you will have to believe in yourself and use rejection as a pedestal through it all. The odds are in your favor, believe you me.

Don't be pushed by your problems, be led by your dreams.

I spoke about positivity previously because it is paramount that you of all people are your biggest hype man. People will not always get it, even your friends won't but don't let that stop the dream inside of you, the drive in your spirit. The day you stop dreaming is the day you die. If Bill Gates still got dreams then fam I suggest you start dreaming because you've barely scratched the surface. In your journey to fulfilling your numerous dreams, there will be NOs which is why part two was essential to take these rejections as footstools to your success. NOs are not periods, they're just the comma, catch your breath and keep going. Joel Osteen hit a chord with these words; "you have to go through the well of argument and opposition to get the well of room enough (abundance). If you get stuck at your first two wells you will never get to the well of abundance". You never know when you're going to strike gold so always be prepared. Show up and do the work. If these things were easy we will all be doing it but it's not and only those who persevere make it past the two wells. I need you to be one of those.

Maybe like me you need something (somethings cause I have a ring, my bible, a whole wall of positive quotes, books, sisters who remind me of my faith when I dare forget, yes it's a lot but whatever it takes to keep the dream alive) to remind you of your why, that you can, that you are worth every big realization that is coming your way but also maybe I'm that source for you. The truth is I'm there, I'm trying too and I'm not stopping. So if nothing, you've got God and you got me!

Forge on to victory, it's your time and I'm rooting for you!

PS: This 3 part series is dear to me and as most of you can agree we've been through the cycle over and over and over again. The cycle doesn't end after one victory because we're back on the road plotting. The key is to master how to push yourself to higher heights, to believe that God can elevate you past your dreams, to accept disappointment along the way as grace and to enjoy the journey because that's where the bulk of life is lived, that's where character is built! That said, Happy October :)

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  1. If you want said job, how are you preparing for it? Preparation is as important as getting said job. thanks for the reminder - Always! -Klozzzeettt!


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