Thursday, November 22, 2018

24 hours

Life doesn't require that we be the best, only that we try our best.

It's so easy to lay back when we feel like we have all the time in the world but what if you only had 24 hours? Would you do something different? Would you have regrets of things you haven't done? would you wish your life was different? would you perhaps work harder on that thing you didn't give your all to?

I have days where I think I could possibly do it all but majority of my days are spent wondering how to do it all. If you paid attention I said wondering not doing. As much as I know there's a lot to be done, I somehow can't get past the planning phase of all that there is to be done. I'm such a task expert and genius at following a plan that when somethings pops that wasn't planned, I crash. This will be the negative of being such an obsessive planner. If you're anything like me hopefully this post may be of help and if you're not, lucky you, but still do read this pour le savoir.

Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment. Fully alive, fully aware.

These words resonated with me recently and helped me to see a bit outside the planned tasks of my life. I'm an advocate for having a plan cause without that, a dream will be just that, a dream but I'm starting to embrace taking the time to enjoy life while planning. To open up to the unforeseen and accept the failures and be flexible enough to draw out another plan. Trying to be fully alive and aware of what is going now, today, in this moment. If I only had 24 hours will I want to spend it planning the afterlife or perhaps just live in the day of today? They say words will only be words until you're going through something and they mean so much more. Did those words trigger anything in you? or shall I keep trying so you could live your best aware life?

Paulo Coelho said, "one day you will wake up and there won't be any more time to do the things you've always wanted". Do it now! Life is not very great at saying by the way you have one month left, it springs up and take us by surprise. So if you've wanted to do something as little as run a marathon, do it! if it's starting a business, do it! Travel somewhere? do it! The most common thing between all the greats is that they started. You will never know you're the next best thing if you don't start! As humans we're so prone to wanting to be great at everything, to do it once and to do it right. Allow me to burst your bubble, yeah it doesn't happen so. You start mediocre because well you just started and then you realize that reading 1000 books doesn't make it a breeze. But then with every video, picture taken, trip, written piece, event, you get better. You start to understand certain complexes, as you grow so does your craft and with time you slowly become an expert, a connoisseur. That does not happen on day one.

ME? FAIL? NEVER? Lol humans will be humans but I need you to be a super human. If you looked at failure as a lesson of how not to do it, you'll never miss out on a risk in life. It is by learning how not to do it that we eventually do it. A child learns not to play with fire not because you said so but because they tried to and it hurt, they've experienced it. People will seldom tell you about their failures, everyone presents their good side. It's a culture that was instilled in us, almost like cleaning the house when you're expecting guest. They don't have to tell you their business but just because they don't say it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Once you use your failures as your stepping stones and own up to your weaknesses you'll be a force to reckon with. The journey will by no means be easy but you will come out glorious in knowledge and depth on the other end and it'll be worth it cause now you're a subject matter expert.

Let's break planning just a little bit. You may be trying to go to med school (why am I always picking on med students) and need to pass the MCAT, understandable, but are you also stressing about interviews, funds to make these schools visits, what happens if you fail the exam etc etc? If I was you, I will be. It's just how my brain is wired, cover all the tracks to think about everything. It's both a blessing and curse but we can make it all blessings. Don't (always) worry about tomorrow, you do not control it. Whether it comes or goes, you have no say in it. You do, however, have a say on what is in front of you. What you're doing now which is studying for the exam. Maybe the school takes you, maybe they don't, maybe that's not even the school that God wants you to go to or better yet maybe you're not going to end up being a doctor. That all starts with this exam right? that's our determining factor, that's what we can control. So start with that and put your time towards that.

It's nearing the end of the year and we can be so quick to say oh I'll try again next year. There's no point it's November right? NO! So much can change in one month, one week even in one day! You could send a proposal today and it's approved tomorrow. Mind blowing right? but you'll never know unless you try. Today still counts, so do it now. If you only had 24 hours what's that thing you want to be able speak to and say "I tried", think about it and start working on it. Don't push to 2019 what could be done today.

Don't get me wrong I'm still an avid planner and I'm still the first to ask "so what's the plan?" but I'm also going to be the girl who can enjoy what she's planning, the one who can look up from the plan and pause and reboot, the one who'll work harder on the task on the plan rather than on the plan itself and I'm the one who's going to use all the time I got left in 2018 to make something happen because I'm here now and because I CAN.

There are A LOT of complications but that's life and I'm thankful for it. Things will happen and it will never go the way we plan so just go out and do the damn thing!

And with that Happy thanksgiving beautiful people!

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